The values promoted by SGE Consulting:

  • Listening
  • Reactivity
  • Team spirit
  • Results.
SGE Consulting

Concerned to ensure that each mission meets the expectations of each stakeholder (manufacturers, distributors, institutions and healthcare professionals…), SGE Consulting supports manufacturers throughout their projects, affirming its willingness to provide a tailor-made follow-up to achieve the objectives set.

The scientific environment at the heart of its business

The level of clinical evidences required in the field of health technologies is daily increasing and requires manufacturers and other stakeholders to continuously adapt to major developments in the sector. SGE Consulting is in permanent communication with healthcare professionals and authorities in order to better understand the repercussions of these various changes alongside manufacturers. The regulatory monitoring carried out by the firm ensures that its clients are closely monitored with regard to the constant changes in the sector.

A collaborative project

The employees of SGE Consulting all share the company’s long-term vision. A young and dynamic multidisciplinary team, led by a senior management team, is united around common values and evolves towards the same project: to transmit quality work that meets the expectations of applicants.

Take a step ahead

Anticipating change is part of the company’s DNA. This is why SGE Consulting is a pioneer in France in terms of the “innovation package” and continues to contribute in improving access to the innovative therapies market by addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

European and international openness

The collaboration with European consulting firms based in the United States of America allows us to offer our clients effective and relevant solutions so that they can open up to the global market, under the best conditions and in compliance with the regulations specific to each country.