The values held by SGE Consulting:

  • Strategic analysis capability.
  • Attentiveness.
  • Team management.
  • Compassion.
  • Relationships.

Personalized support

Mindful of fulfilling every mission by meeting all expectations, SGE Consulting supports manufacturers throughout their projects, manifesting its determination to provide customized follow-through in order to achieve the set objective.

The scientific environment at the heart of its business

The level of clinical evidence in the field of health technologies is escalating daily and requires adapting to major developments in the medical devices sector. SGE Consulting constantly communicates with health professionals and authorities in order to be able to understand these different changes alongside the manufacturers. The regulatory watch that it performs helps ensure it has a level of information reflecting the constant developments in the sector.

A collaborative project

SGE Consulting’s employees all share the company’s long-term vision. A young, dynamic team, supported by senior management, is united by common values, working toward the same goal: doing a quality job and meeting the expectations of applicants.

Getting a head start

Anticipating change is part of the company’s DNA. That is why SGE Consulting is viewed as an “innovation funding” pioneer and continues to participate in improvement of market access for innovative therapies by understanding tomorrow’s challenges.

A European window of opportunity

Collaboration with consulting firms in Europe and the United States justifyus offer our clients fast and effective solutions for entering the global market under the best possible conditions and in compliance with the specific regulations in each country.