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With more than 25 years of experience in the field of medical technology, Sylvia Germain is the Founder and current President of SGE Consulting, a simplified joint-stock company created in July 2016.

SGE Consulting was founded in response to a need for strategic action plans in the management of market access and reimbursement projects for medical devices.

The different approaches to reimbursement access compel very early identification of the most appropriate opportunity: this requires case by case attention.

Two initial national successes were achieved for special temporary coverage with the first so-called “disruptor” devices. It was this outcome that drew attention to the keen interest in innovative technologies. This experience was acquired by understanding the expectations of the health authorities, in particular regarding percutaneous aortic valves.

Then, this experience was brilliantly consolidated in the context of the creation of Article L 165-1-1 of the Social Security Code relative to innovation funding for a Retinal Prosthesis.

It was meetings with manufacturers, expert users, and decision-makers passionate about the world of innovative health technologies, including diagnostics and e-health, that resulted in the creation of SGE Consulting.